A Packed Event Squeezed into just 6 days!

Business & life coaching sessions, endurance challenge, guest speakers and personal assessment

 Below is information on everything that is included in this amazing 6-day event. Detailed session information is provided below explaining the journey of discovery you will go through before taking the 5 Peak Challenge.

All included

  • Wheel of Life assessment on sign up and upon completion of event
  • Assigned a business/life coach from moment of sign up to close of event
  • Create your Life Wishlist – what do you want to achieve from event?
  • Follow up coaching session as aftercare once event is completed
  • 3 days Business/Life transformational event
  • 5 Scottish peak endurance challenge (optional)
  • An overnight stay at Mar Hall after the endurance challenge
  • Breakfast and lunch all included
  • Buffet dinners with late night speakers (x4)
  • Doctors certificate to sign you off fit for your challenge

Below are the amazing sessions our speakers & guides will deliver over the course of this unique 6 day event culminating in the 5 peak challenge.

Can You Rise to the Challenge?

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